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Psychotherapy is a therapeutic intervention to bring about beneficial change within you safely. It helps us to identify elements that are stored in your unconscious mind, allowing you to examine the intra-psychic conflicts that can result from earlier experiences in your life, perhaps even from childhood.

Sometimes this can also involve Dream Analysis, where you are guided through a straightforward process that will reconnect you to your dream. This makes it possible for you to explore that dream, picking up messages and symbols and identifying its emotional content in a way that will also enable you to make connections with your current life situation.

Our aim is to help you, our client, accomplish permanent, positive change in your life, to achieve emotional harmony and balance for yourself through holistic, empowering therapies.

“The CAUSE Of ALL Negative Emotions
Is A Disruption In The Body’s Energy System”

Gary Craig founder of EFT

Clinical reports suggest that Energy Psychology methods used in conjunction with Psychotherapy are particularly effective with high levels of stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, panic attacks and phobias.

Studies have shown dramatic changes in brain scans, indicating that Energy Psychology techniques bring rapid and significant changes at a neurological level.

  • There are no known negative side effects!! And it’s Safe
  • Gives rapid emotional relief to our clients!
  • It does not matter how long you have had these problems the techniques along with our expertise work!
  • Experience positive side effects

If you would like to know more about some of the techniques we use, you can read about them in the pages listed below:

Please remember that if your doctor has prescribed a specific medication for you, our treatments and therapies are not a substitute for that medication. Any changes in your medication should only ever be made in consultation with your doctor.

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