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Hypnotherapy and Suggestion trance Therapy can be used to help with many emotional and physical issues, ranging from releasing stress, anxiety and panic attacks, to phobias, social anxiety, nail biting, stopping smoking, getting pregnant,weight loss, childbirth, nerve rashes and much more…

In trance therapy you can achieve a state whereby a deeply relaxed stillness is attained. This is where the magic begins in bringing about positive change!

For Hypnosis To Work You Need:

  1. A minimal level of intelligence.
  2. Ability to follow simple instructions.
  3. Willingness to be hypnotised and go with the flow!

We also make use of a unique mediation hypno-therapeutic trance therapy technique called Parts Therapy. This is used to assist you to identify easily and quickly the causes of inner conflicts existing within your subconscious mind, thus enabling you to release these issues and resolve them.

Some People Are Unfamiliar With Hypnotherapy & Have Concerns
That Someone Else Will Somehow Control Them!

So Let's Assure You!

  • All Hypnosis is as safe as is falling asleep at night, its like been in a trance like state
  • In all hypnosis, you are in control at all times and can come out of the state at any time
  • In hypnosis you cannot be made do anything against your will
  • You are fully aware at all times. You do not 'go under'!
  • Hypnosis is safe, exciting, relaxing and fun!

What Types Of Hypnosis Ray & Aisling Use At Accomplish Change Clinic?

We use two main types, Suggestion Therapy & Analytical Hypnotherapy

Suggestion Hypnotherapy:

Suggestion Therapy can be extremely effective, for habits, such as nail-biting, stop smoking, exam nerves, concentration and focus, driving test nerves, childbirth, fertility, Public Speaking, Sleep Issues and more...  

The Number Of Sessions For This Therapy Is Between One & Three

Analytical Hypnotherapy:

Analytical and Suggestion trance therapy both have their role to play in helping people resolve their personal issues. Deciding which would be best for you, would depend on how deeply seated the problem lies.

Analytical - is effectively psychotherapy and psychoanalysis using hypnosis.

Hypnoanalysis allows you discover and resolve the root cause of your issue completely, which has been locked away in the attic of your unconscious, allowing you to move forward with a sense of relief and resolution from your presenting symptoms and issues.

Hypnoanalysis can be used to resolve phobias, fears, general anxieties, social anxieties, eating disorders and other emotional and psychological problems and or symptoms of the psyche.

Hypnoanalysis is used a lot when you have tried everything else and nothing has worked and or, when you don’t know what is wrong with yourself, but you know that something is holding you back in life and you can’t put your finger on it!

The Number Of Sessions For Trance Therapy Is Between Eight & Fifteen

Hypnosis Is also Known as Relaxation Therapy, Meditation, Re-framing, Guided Imagery, Visualisation
Continually Gaining More Credibility! 

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