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Energy Cone Technique is a simple technique that stimulates the system through the palm of your hand, raising feelings in the body.

A very simple, gentle non-invasive technique, that releases, stress, anxiety, negative emotions, thoughts and feelings from the mind and body.

Physical sensations are triggered by gentle finger tip touches, on cones of energy, located predominately on the palm of the hand or other parts of the body.

Energy Cone Technique utilises the relationship that exists between the subconscious mind and the skin, activating and producing sensations in the body and can be applied to the conscious and unconscious issues that lie beneath problems from; stress, self-esteem issues, phobias and traumas, to anxiety, uncomfortable feelings, negative emotions and more…

Did you know that 20% of the body’s overall sensation Is In the hands!

Once We Can Feel It, We Can Change It,
FREEING Us From Restrictions
Of Anxiety & Negative Emotions.

Originated by Tom Wynn, Dublin, Ireland

How Energy Cone Technique works

ECT brings the energy cysts to awareness with a light gentle touch, that releases the trapped energy. It does this by reversing the process by which the trauma entered the body.

ECT instantly accesses the energy of trauma held in the body.

ECT follows the second law of thermodynamics which states that energy goes from organized to disorganised and it takes organised energy to reverse the process.

When we touch the skin the brain must respond and bring up feelings and emotions in the body that resonate with the energy of the touch, by using the energy of a client’s own words, by a method called Basic Perception, or First meaning. Ordinary words may be infused with trauma because their very first meaning was encoded in the unconscious at a time of the event.

Touching The Hand Is Usually The Most Effective Way
Of Accessing These “CYSTS”

Physical Symptoms Treated

Digestive Problems | Physical Pain | Auto Accident | Sports Issues | Injuries | IBS

Emotional Symptoms Treated

Stress | Anxiety | Panic attacks | Limiting Beliefs | Sadness| Heartache| Phobias| Fears| Trauma | Insomnia and more…
Removing Stress & Blockages From Your Life Allows You To Be Focused, Balanced, Energised & Healthy.

A Simple Effective Energy Healing Method!

The GoE (Guild of Energists ) has invited both Tom Wynn, founder and Ray Manning ECT Trainer of Accomplish Change Clinics to present Energy Cone Technique and train practitioners in Ireland and the UK.

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