Phobia Cure For Spiders!

Ella Griffin had two choices: take a fumigated capsule into space or tackle her spider phobia. It was a tough call…
I am the 27,867th person to watch an adorable eight-year-old girl called Amena playing with her pet, Eliza, on YouTube.
“She’s a little bit shy,” Amena giggles as Eliza snuggles into the crook of her arm, then changes her mind and starts to climb up her T-shirt.
Eliza has more hair on her legs than the entire Irish rugby team and only slightly fewer legs.
She is a Chilean rose-haired tarantula.

The fact that I can even look at a spider the size of a mini pizza crawling over another person is a miracle — five years ago, it was about as likely as George Clooney finally settling down with Kerry Katona, or Seamus Heaney turning up as a judge on ‘The X Factor‘. For most of my life, I have been terrified of spiders. 

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A friend recommended Aisling Killoran, a hypnotherapist who treats all kinds of phobias. The most common are fears of driving, flying and public speaking, but she has treated people who are terrified of Barbie dolls and buttons.

Aisling used a combination of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnosis and desensitisation technique to deal with my fear. This last bit turned out to mean huge rubber spiders.

EFT is a kind of psychological acupressure without needles. Aisling taught me to tap acupuncture points on my face and the chest while I remembered how scared I’d been in my kitchen.

She Promised me that this would take the Emotional Charge out of the Memory and I didn’t Believe her for a second!

I made her promise to keep the rubber spiders in their box and, in between the tapping, I opened my eyes to check that she hadn’t cheated and taken them out.

By the second session, I was able to let her put them on the floor between us. And by the fourth and final session, I was able to put one on the back of my hand.

But a rubber spider is, well, made of rubber. What would happen when I met a real, live one?

Before I went to Aisling, just imagining that was enough to ring every alarm bell in my mind, but now I felt oddly calm.

A few weeks later, I came across a mammoth spider on the bathroom floor. Without even thinking, I picked up a toothbrush mug and popped it over him before either of us had a chance to leg it.

My husband released him when he got home. “How did it look?” I asked him. “Startled,” he said, looking kind of startled himself.

That was more than four years ago and I haven’t killed or maimed a single spider since.

If you would like to book an appointment to get rid of your fear or phobia once and for all then call either Ray Manning  087 6778049  or Aisling Killoran on  087 1352122  of Accomplish Change Clinic, you can also call us at  01-2986507

Source: Irish Independent – Lifestyle – Arachnophobia.     Well done Ella Griffin :-}

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