Emotional Stress & Anxiety Released!

I am an ordinary person who at the age of 28 started to find life unbearable within myself. It all started to go wrong for me at the age of 3 when I was abused and from then on I carried a mountain of emotional stress and mess with me for the rest of my life which affected  every corner of my life. I spent over a year in psychotherapy trying to iron out my feelings and understand myself which had some positive effects, but I knew there was still a lot I needed to deal with that I couldn’t access through psychotherapy.

I felt there had to be something that would work and give me the help that I so desperately needed. One day a friend said ‘why don’t you try hypnotherapy’ this was the moment that changed my life forever. I discovered Accomplish Change Clinic and Aisling Killoran. Aisling works with many different types of therapies from Hypnotherapy, TAT, EFT, to name but a few, none of these names meant anything to me at the time, but as I discovered they are really powerful techniques of working with problems to deal with them permanently.

Aisling basically held my hand and led me through my entire life; we isolated many problem areas and worked on each of them. The mountain of stress and emotional problems I thought that would take a life time to heal, Aisling broke down into manageable pieces so that after each session I knew we had got another problem off my list.

She worked with my sleep first along with de-stressing me and in a short amount of time, my sleep was refreshing me and i felt that i had more energy to deal with all my emotional baggage!

In no time at all we reached the end of my list and I felt fantastic!

The only way I can describe it is as if I am no longer tugging a black sack full of concrete blocks behind me every where I go.

My confidence has soared,
my home life has improved,
my stress levels have reduced dramatically,
my sleep is 100% better,
my relationships have improved,
my whole life has changed and I feel a sense of fulfillment I never thought possible.

I was so bogged down with my baggage and lack of sleep that I had no idea what I really wanted to do in life and once we removed the baggage my life’s purpose stood out so obvious I couldn’t miss it!

Aisling is so kind, caring and a really helpful person, I feel I owe so much to her for helping me with so much, I would encourage anyone with a problem no matter how big or how small, even if its just coping with stress, or improving sleep, to give her a call and talk to her.

My mother went to Aisling to deal with anxiety, stress and panic attacks while travelling, she is now a changed woman.

My sister met Aisling through the Hypno-birthing techniques and stress management.

If a miracle has been preformed for me and my family it can happen for anyone.

Lisa, Mother and Homemaker - Dublin

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