Vaginismus Gone!

I am delighted to tell you that I am completely cured of Vaginismus! We have a healthy sex life now that I never dreamed I could ever have. I never imagined I would ever feel this way. I am truly happy and fulfilled and I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I could not have climbed that mountain or released the stress i was carrying without you. I hope you continue to help others.
Amanda, Legal Administrator - Dublin

Flying Fear

Hi Ray, I wanted to thank you for your great help in my flying fears when I went to London at Easter. I was absolutely fine; especially going when I was actually surprised when we were coming into land it was so quick! Coming back was equally good, helped by no delays and smooth flights. I am going over again for a weekend later in June and I feel fine about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, and I'm confident now that it will continue. Angela - Newspaper Editor Midlands

Driving Test Success!

After the best part of a year failing one driving test after another I felt there was a pattern developing. My driving tests were getting dramatically worse. I was a nervous wreck. My sleep pattern was a mess, My stress levels were high and I would literally shake during the tests. I was simply not in control and had built up these tests in my mind to the point that my driving skills had nothing to do with the outcome of the tests. Something had to be done. My sister, an avid rock climber who formerly had a fear of heights bought me a voucher for a session after I told her of my problem.
I booked 2 sessions 10 days prior to my 7th test! I scored an almost perfect test, but I did the whole think knowing I was going to pass. I was stress-free and in complete control. My sleep is better than it was. I am generally a very skeptical person but the sessions I had with Ray were an absolute eye opener.
I thoroughly recommend Accomplish Change Clinics to anybody who is faced with a hurdle such as my own." Mike, Media Professional - Dublin

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