Trauma Can Be Healed

A Traumatised Person Can Go Through Emotional Intensity Of Varying Degrees:

Flashbacks | Anxiety | Fear | Panic Attacks | Dissociation | Constriction | Sexual Dysfunction
Nightmares | Insomnia | Lack Of Openness | Violent Unprovoked Rages | Abrupt Mood Swings

Trauma Does Not Have To Be A Life Sentence!

Words can’t accurately convey the stress and anguish that a traumatised person goes through. It has an intensity that defies description.

The good news is that we don’t have to live with It permanently and certainly not forever. Trauma Can Be Healed. 

The roots of trauma lie deep within our bodies as well as our minds, and the healing is a natural stress-free process that can be accessed through an inner awareness of the body. It does not require years of psychological therapy or that memories be somehow repeatedly dragged up and then expunged from the unconscious. We help our clients safely work through the sensations experienced without overwhelming them!

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