How can we and our therapies help release stress?

Even with the greatest will in the world in taking care of ourselves, we all experience stress at different times in our lives. It can affect us in many ways both physically, mentally and emotionally.
The range of therapies we offer are designed to accomplish positive change in both the workplace and family situations. Aisling & Ray of Accomplish Change enable you with everyday stress and work related stress to become more relaxed, to become calmer, and to take control of your stressful situation and deal with it.

Stress that is not discharged stays within the body and can emerge as physical, mental or emotional symptoms.

It is important to know your own tendencies for responding to stress, so you can be alert to the build-up of tension within you.

Symptoms of stress can take many forms. Some like insomnia are loud warning bells. Others like turning to drink, over-eating or over-smoking can be masked as they are part of the dominant culture at work:

‘Everyone here gets pissed regularly — it’s the only way we cope, We all go through phases when we put on an act!’ said one client of ours.

Negative stress: This is the result of a bullying climate where threats and coercion are used to disguise poor management skills. When people use the word "stress" they usually mean "negative stress". Various negative stressful situations in the workplace can give rise to emotional, psychological or physical problems. They can create distorted cognitive thinking, fatigue, lack of job satisfaction, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, irritability, bullying and harassment.

Are you suffering from any of these STRESS symptoms?

Physical Mental
Migraines or headaches
Loss of appetite
Diarrhoea, indigestion, constipation
Inability to concentrate
Compulsive worry
Paranoid thoughts
seeing yourself as victim

Behavioral Emotional
Pretending to care
Avoiding clients, colleagues
Avoiding meetings / situations
Loss of appetite
Turning to drink overeating, excessive smoking Sudden swings in feelings
Struggling to face the day
Floating anxiety’
Hating colleagues and environment

Is it time for you to STOP putting on the act!

It’s so easy to get caught in a cycle of negative stress making us less effective which gives us more stress.

We become stressed and overly burdened by the work when we absorb more disturbance, distress and disease from our work load, colleagues, family than we are able to process and let go of.

It is very important that you take responsibility for noticing the signs that your system is overloaded rather than having to sit with the pain of the situation, place or event; or having to contain the frustration or having to cope with situations in which you feel undertrained, drained or emotionally inadequately unprepared for.

Take care of Yourself ~ Put YOURSELF first ~ because YOU are worth it!

We encourage you to get the support whether it be from Ray or Aisling at Accomplish Change, or some one else to help you, not only to deal with the symptoms of stress that are emerging within you, but also to tackle the cause of the stress. The earlier this is done the better. If you ignore the stress symptoms for too long then you are in danger of being overwhelmed and being left In a situation that is often referred to as ‘burn-out’.

Remember, you have a choice

Accomplish Change Clinic has a proven range of techniques and therapies that will help you, to de-stress including:
• Hypnosis
• Emotional Freedom Techniques - Tapping Techniques
• Tapas Acupressure Technique - TAT
• Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - EMDR
• Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP
• Psychotherapy

"It's not stress that kills us; it is our reaction to it"Hans Selye, pioneer of stress research

Don’t let negative stress get you down. Learn to manage it and to cope with the stressful situations in your working and personal life. Stress in the workplace or at home arises when the demands and expectations on a person exceed their capacity to meet those expectations.
Our expertise lies in using these therapies in order to EMPOWER YOU to change your life.

We also invite you to discover more about who you are and why you react to people and circumstances in the
way that you do, and then a journey with us through the Enneagram is certainly for you! Contact us for an appointment.

Picking up the phone to make an appointment and then stepping through the door can be the first step in beginning your healing journey!

We invite you to take a look around, learn about what we treat and check our client feedback.
Read about a workshop and if you like what you see, contact us or email us a question.
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