Stress In the Workplace

More than eight in ten workers in Ireland have reported increasing stress levels, with health and finances the main worry for many, a new survey suggests. And it seems we worry more here than do our counterparts in the UK.

Not surprisingly, all this worry is leading to reduced concentration in just under two-thirds of cases, less job satisfaction in 59pc of responses and lower employee productivity in under a half.

The study by Mercer found that 82pc of staff are facing increased personal stress, and 59pc are worried about their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle while holding down a job.

And just over a half are concerned that they mightn't be able to provide for their family and pay bills if they fall ill.

Niall O'Callaghan, Mercer partner, said employees are suffering from increased stress and worry that is damaging to them and their employer.

"Across all life stages and ages, employees' personal worries about their health and financial security are having a dramatic effect on how they operate at work," he said.
"If employees are worried, distracted, not as healthy as they could be, then they are not as engaged as they could be either.

"Enabling employees to address their concerns is in the interest of employers and employees."
The study was carried out by Red C among a representative sample of 1,500 employees in the UK and Republic of Ireland, with 502 in Ireland, between May 27 and June 4.

Source: Irish Independent

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