Twelve Tips To help You Stop Blushing

Blushing Fact Sheet

Lets face it! we all blush at some stage in our life, yet how we manage it is what makes the difference. It’s not easy to stop blushing unless you have some coping skills, so we have put together some tips that will help you deal with diminishing the amount of time you blush!

Key Points for Learning to Cope with Blushing:

1. Understanding Is the first step towards coping

It is important to accept that blushing involves not only bodily response but a particular pattern of thoughts which increases concern about blushing.

2. Becoming less concerned with your own behaviour & others’ reactions will decrease concern with blushing

3. Effective strategies for coping with blushing

  • practicing relaxation techniques
  • building self esteem
  • resolving underlying causes
  • developing positive and self accepting ‘self talk’

4. Learn to relax, It will help you to be calmer

Like any skill learning to relax takes practice and time out, so go easy on yourself.

5. Calming Images can be used as a place to retreat to In your mind

Use the same image each time you practice relaxation.

6. Recognise the part played by negative and sometimes automatic ways of thinking In making yourself feel bad about the prospect of blushing

Keep a record of your thoughts associated with blushing to identify and characterise your pattern of thinking.

7. How realistic are your thoughts?

Look for more helpful and realistic alternatives. Remember that it is not other people who are telling you, you look silly or incompetent – it’s you! It is your own thoughts that create unpleasant feelings; work on changing them.

8. Avoid over generalising from one situation to another

9. Avoid thinking In all or nothing or absolutist terms

Start afresh and test out each situation as it happens.

10. Distraction techniques can be used to cope with blushing

Instead of concentrating on your own thoughts and/or imagined thoughts of others concentrate on other mental images or objects, or carefully monitor the appearance of people around you.

11. Be positive about yourself and others’ reactions

Recognise your strengths and that blushing in only one aspect of you that other people might notice. Avoid putting thoughts into other people’s heads and do not feel that you are responsible for any comments they might make.

12. Take control of your life

Set short and long term goals and work towards changing your life at your own pace. Monitor your change and congratulate yourself on making positive changes and improvements.

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Positive self talk for a difficult situation:

  • I  can cope with this
  • I will be positive
  • I will think rationally
  • I will not worry; it won’t help
  • I will manage the situation

Positive self talk when blushing:

  • It’s not the worst thing that could happen me
  • This is a good chance for me to practice coping
  • I will just pause and be positive
  • I can handle this challenge
  • I am going to stay and confront this
  • I love myself

Positive self talk when you succeed:

  • It’s getting better
  • I’m proud of and pleased with myself
  • I can do it and I will
  • It’s not so bad after all
  • When I control my thoughts I control my blush

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