Gratitude – Does it work?

Did you know that you start and finish your day, dictates what happens during your day!

How you think and how you feel creates your future!

Each morning when you awaken, think, say out loud or write down Three things that you are grateful for.

  1. I am grateful that I had a great night sleep.
  2. I am grateful for the positive day I’m having today (say things as if they have currently happened, knowing that they will happen as you go through your day) Its like your priming your brain to create your future!
  3. I am grateful for spending time with my kids at breakfast this morning

Each evening – again say Three things that you are grateful for from your day

  1. Iam grateful that I had a great meeting with my team at work today.
  2. I am grateful for the beautiful meal that my partner made for me this evening when I got home form work
  3. I am grateful for the beautiful children that we have and how much joy they bring to me and my family…

You know it takes 30 days to lock in a new habit! Practice locks in gratitude

Giving Thanks Does Your Body Good - A great article from Dr. Mercola on GRATITUDE says that

• Gratitude involves affirming the good in your life and recognizing its sources. It is the understanding that life owes you nothing, and that the good things in your life are gifts that cannot be taken for granted
• Gratitude is uniquely important to psychological well-being.
In teenagers, gratitude has been found to correlate with positive emotions, life satisfaction, social support and prosocial behavior
• Gratitude lowers stress, improves depression and improves emotional resiliency; researchers have suggested gratitude practice can be used as a psychotherapeutic intervention
• One particularly potent strategy is to write a letter of gratitude to someone whom you’ve not properly thanked for their kindness, and to hand deliver the letter to them. This has been shown to result in an immediate and significant increase in happiness that can last for up to a month
• A dozen different strategies are reviewed, all of which can help you build and strengthen your sense of gratitude
Focusing on gratitude has become a growing trend in recent years,1 and for good reason. There’s a lot of stress, illness and unhappiness in the world, and gratitude is an effective remedy for all of these — and it’s free.

Source: Dr.Mercola

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