The Art of Gratutude can be experienced in a Heartbeat and a moment!

Did you know?

We have over 40,000 thoughts per day and most of them are repetitive and negative!

Research has shown that gratitude can make us happier, less stressed, less negative and more positive.
Christmas Celebrations are in full swing, so this is the perfect time and opportunity to nurture gratitude and incorporate it into a busy schedule so that we can train our minds to notice the world from the lens of gratitude rather than lack!
Gratitude takes practice and Christmas time is the perfect time to Lock in the New habit of Gratitude so that it can flow into 2019 and beyond!

Did you know?

How you manage your FIRST & LAST HOUR of the day will dictate your day!

Tips to LOCK in Gratitude

Before you go to bed, rather than focus on the niggly things that happened throughout your day.
1. Think about the good in your life.
2. Feel the gratitude
3. Go to bed in a state of gratitude

When you awaken bring back that feeling of GRATITUDE

When you follow that ritual, it is possible to
(1) go to sleep in a state of gratitude,
(2) wake up in it, and
(3) stay in that state throughout your entire day.

Opportunities -Throughout the day if you’re walking or driving to an appointment use the time to lock in Gratitude by simply saying out loud or quietly to yourself “I am Grateful for…

Did you know?
• You do not see the world as it is ~ You see the world as you are
• What you see in others is what you see in yourself! (look in the mirror)
• Journaling Increases Gratitude!
• That Gratitude increases serotonin!
• Daily Gratitude is the antidote to FEAR

Deliberate Gratitude can change your life:

• If you think of 3 things daily that you are grateful for you automatically find yourself focusing on the positive aspects of life!
• The more you are grateful, the less effort is involved in thinking of been grateful!
• Opposite of stress is being connected with self and environment
• Laughter vibrates at the same energetic frequency as gratitude (and love) and it raises our vibrational energy,

Take this season to identify and LOCK in NEW HABITS of Gratitude DAILY by acknowledging at least ONE small but special activity that makes your heart sing as it’s like giving a thankyou note to the universe.

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