Who isn’t Stressed?

Don’t let BURN OUT Take control of your life!

Between trying to balance work, family, friends and everything else, stress has become so common in our society. But it can become more serious than that. Letting stress alter your lifestyle can cause depression and fatigue.

Untreated stress will lead to burnout.

Because BURNOUT can sometimes creep up on us a little too fast, we just wanted to give you this heads-up, so you can:-                               


What do you think of when you hear the term “burnt out?”
These days, everyone seems to be stressed.The strains of balancing work, relationships, family and recreation can be overwhelming and exhausting.
But burnout is different – suffering from long-term fatigue, stress, and disinterest is life altering.

In May 05/10, a new study was published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine called “Take charge: Patients’ experiences during participation in a rehabilitation programme for burnout.”
The results of eighteen patients with burnout demonstrated the effectiveness of holistic approaches.
Burnout, is generally, an accumulation of built up stress and pressure without proper coping methods leaving the person torn and bent.
Burn out can be as a result of work, home, relationships, environment, everything starts closing in on  you…

Psychologists Herbert Freudenberger and Gail North theorized that the burnout process can be divided into 12 phases, cycles that don’t necessarily follow in order and some people skip steps or have more than one at a time but they’re worth looking over…


  1. Proving  your self – demonstrating your worth obsessively
  2. Working harder – working longer and harder along with inability to switch off!
  3. Ignoring your needs – erratic sleeping patterns, eating disrupted, lack of social interaction.
  4. Panic and conflict – problems are dismissed – feel threatened- panicky and Jittery
  5. Change values – values are skewed- friends and family dismissed, hobbies seen as irrelevant- work is the only focus
  6. Withdrawal -social life small or non-existent – need to feel relief from stress- resort to drinking and or drugs and sex.
  7. Odd behaviour – Obvious changes in behaviour- friends and family concerned
  8. Depersonalise – feeling of worthlessness – lack of confidence – life feels mechanical and emotionless
  9. Inner emptiness – feeling empty and lonely – turning to over use of alcohol , sex or drugs
  10. Epic depression – feeling lost and not sure what to do – exhausted- the future is bleak and dark life loses meaning and everything from agitation to apathy sets in.
  11. Deny problems- cynical and intolerant- aggressive interaction – colleagues blamed-lack of time blamed- work load blamed along with being demanding, and undisciplined.
  12. Collapse & burn out- desperate for a way out – verge of mental and physical collapse – potentially suicidal – need medical help!

Identifying Burnout

Early warning signs leading to burnout.
•    Do you dread going to work every day, it is going to be a bad day?
•    Do you second-guess yourself, because it feels like a waste to care?
•    Are you exhausted all the time?
•    When you do have energy, or are you are too depressed to move?
•    Do you feel sick a lot?
•    Do you suffer from frequent back pains and head ache?
•    Has there been a change in sleep habits?
•    Have you lost your appetite?
•    Are you withdrawing from your responsibilities?
•    Are you seeing the world in an increasing negative way?

Source: Provided by Aisling Killoran of Accomplish Change Clinic


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