The Importance of Self Care and best practices to nurture our mind and body.

I’m sure you have often heard the analogy of the Oxygen Mask! “In order to help others, you have to help yourself first”

Self-care is the greatest gift that you could give to yourself! as it will enable you help you and your loved ones.
Were in an era of speed and fast paced expectations and demands of life be it; work, colleagues, commitments, family, friends, loved ones which can be an energy drain that leaves us with little time for ourselves
There is only so much time in the day and the week and I’m sure you have heard yourself say many times “If only there were more hours in the day”
For the hours that we do have its important to carve out some quality “Me Time” and awareness of this, is the first step to making a change!

The following SELF CARE tip will help you take the first step!

Set aside 25 mins a day as “ME TIME” This time is your time and nobody else’s! The only person you’re in communication with is yourself, through stillness, meditation, breathing, mindfulness…
Put this time in your diary or time planner for a week and you will reach a point where you make it a self-care priority in your life moving forward. You will be amazed in how good you feel having given yourself the gift of “ME Time”

Aisling Killoran is a Health and wellbeing specialist with a special interest in Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Fertility, childbirth preparation and wellbeing.

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