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An Indroduction to Accomplish Change ClinicsFor over 20 years we've been helping clients increase their health and wellbeing.

We are solution focused in helping you experience positive change using; skill, experience and our professional services that are empowering, in helping you achieve a positive outcome.
We are refreshingly down to earth. We love our work and are passionate about helping you. We will help you journey through change within a short amount of time addressing; Stress, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Traumas, Negative thinking, Fertility issues, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Weight Loss, Emotional Issues and more… contact us

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  • Aisling has helped me with a lot of different issues that I have had over the last year and I must say that I am astonished at what she has accomplished with me. I was really doubtful that I could get rid of some of my problems, but now I actually have and that is amazing. I highly recommend Aisling’s services to anyone who wants to make a change within themselves, because it has helped me tremendously.

    Sara Head of sales and Marketing - Dublin
  • Ray, I wanted to give you feedback after our session. I have to say that the 2 days after the session I was absolutely floating. I had the best sleeps I've had in years. Since then I am happier than I was and generally sleeping allot better. I find I am not as angry and my relationships are better. My boyfriend passed a comment on how much more relaxed I was and we are getting on better too...

    Edel, Civil Servant Dublin
  • Hi Ray, I wanted to update you on my weight loss success! of 3 stone. The gastric hypnotherapy band exercise that we did worked brilliantly; I find myself automatically eating less, smiling more, been upbeat and happy about my future. Oddly enough I have had no cravings at all, and continue to lose weight since we did the emotional work and addressed my beliefs.

    Andrew, Wicklow
  • I am delighted to tell you that I am completely cured of Vaginismus! We have a healthy sex life now that I never dreamed I could ever have. I never imagined I would ever feel this way. I am truly happy and fulfilled and I just wanted to thank you for all your help. I could not have climbed that mountain without you. I hope you continue to help others.

    Amanda, Legal Administrator - Dublin
  • Hi Aisling, I came to see you when I was beginning a cycle of IVF. I'm just dropping you a line to let you know I'm now almost 15 weeks pregnant. Things are going really well. I'm still a little anxious, but each week I get more confident and relaxed. I want to thank you for the work you did with me. I find I use the techniques frequently. I have praised and recommended you to many people since. Thanks again, regards,

    Linda - Dublin
  • Aisling, I just want to thank you for yesterday - you were very patient with me! I feel great today and did a great presentation. I definitely have a better feeling about presenting at meetings and handling things in the future! I'm really grateful for what you've done.

    Mary Ann, Marketing- Dublin
  • Ray, thank you so much! Thanks again for last week. My mind is free of all that clutter and it seems to have had some positive effect, which is a really good thing for me. I'm recommending a friend to you, hope you don't mind!

    Caroline, Sales and Marketing Manager Co. Wicklow
  • Hi Ray, I wanted to thank you for your great help in my flying fears when I went to London at Easter. I was absolutely fine; especially going when I was actually surprised when we were coming into land it was so quick! Coming back was equally good, helped by no delays and smooth flights. I am going over again for a weekend later in June and I feel fine about it. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, and I'm confident now that it will continue.

    Angela - Newspaper Editor Midlands
  • Hi Aisling, Well I'm the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy Aidan!! I just wanted to say a massive thank you for ensuring that I was mentally prepared. My consultant couldn't believe it and asked how I mentally prepared myself, mid wife asked for a copy of my birthing plan to keep. I told everyone that asked in the hospital about you and hypnobirthing. Doc said he couldn't believe it for first baby and that my threshold for pain was remarkable!! So Aisling massive thank you.

    Katherine & Declan – Dublin
  • Many Thanks Ray for all your support in helping me lose weight. I really needed ongoing support which has made all the difference in me losing and keeping the weight off. I know this is a year later, but I thought you’d like to know that I have still kept the weight off and I am very proud of myself and for you encouraging me along the way. I loved the Hypnosis you did with me as it made losing weight so much easier then I would have thought!

    Amanda, Louth

stress managemetn techniques dublin7 Steps to Reframe and Master Your Stress
Psychologist Kelly McGonigal  has done a lot of research on stress and  gives some great advice on how to master stress by transforming fear into courage, isolation into connection, and suffering into meaning. Acknowledging your stress helps to break the negative thought patterns that we can run in our daily living.
Here are seven steps to change your relationship with stress and make stress your ally:

1. Acknowledge your stress
Stress is a natural human response designed to help us. That understanding is crucial for taking advantage of your stress. With the onset of stress comes a host of physical responses: clammy hands, sweatiness, increased heart-rate, mild anxiety. Acknowledging that feeling as a natural response -- a healthy signal -- without attaching any negative emotion or interpretation to it is the key starting point.

stress managemetn techniques dublin2. Detach from consequences
Many symptoms of stress manifest prematurely and unreasonably when you allow your mind to draw conclusions. Psychologists call this "catastrophic thinking" -- thinking you're about to be thrown in jail when a police car is driving behind you. Don't give your stress any more "breathing room." Refrain from drawing conclusions beyond your immediate context.

3. Shift your fundamental belief
McGonigal's research revealed that having high levels of stress only increased people's risk of mortality when it was combined with the belief that stress was damaging to their health. Those who didn't believe it was detrimental did not experience subsequent physiological maladies. Neurosurgeon Dr. John Gorecki affirms the new studies in neuroplasticity, and says that shifts in belief alter your brain's neural pathways, and subsequently your physiology.

4. Inject and reflect on meaning
A study that highlighted the benefits of stress by Yale University and Psychologist Shawn Achor showed that people who carry stress are also more likely to say their lives are meaningful. This is because stress is typically attached to a significant life experience. Emphasizing the meaning of a life situation also gives the stress meaning.

5. Journal your victories
It is helpful to keep a journal of past experiences you've endured and obstacles you have overcome. McGonigal says, "You can deal with stressful life experiences with strength from past ones." The fuller your memory of previous successes, the stronger you'll be in handling future stresses. Record these victories and reference them the next time you encounter stressful situations.

6. See progress, not perfection
Stress from perfectionism is crippling, and will stunt your productivity. While having high standards for excellence is admirable, it's easy to end up with impossible ideals. Adopt a mindset of growth and progress. Embrace the process of iteration, it will free you from the paralysis and stress of perfectionism.

7. Prime yourself for success
A Rochester University study took a group of people with a history of social anxiety, and set them up to give a speech in front of some scowling judges. One group however, was primed to reframe their physical stress responses (increased breathing and heart rate) as the body's way of "preparing for battle." They subsequently performed much better than those who were not primed.
Lead author of the study, professor Jeremy Jamieson noted, "Our experience of acute or short-term stress is shaped by how we interpret physical cues." Your physiology is at the mercy of your psychology.
The key is to start with success in mind; mentally prime yourself for any upcoming stressful situations. Have an expectation that your physical responses will lead to peak performance.


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